Merry Christmas from lgp On The Move

It's that special time of the year again, and I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, safe, fun-filled happy holidays.

And if you happen to have a brand-new notebook waiting under the tree - I'm sure your Christmas will be even better.

Stay tuned for more great notebook reviews coming in the next year!

Seasons Greetings from LGP!

The Best of 2009

WOW!!! This year has gone by so fast that I cannot believe it is already the middle of December. Alongside being the first full calendar year of my blog, the sheer amount of work I've been doing this year has had quite an impact on my time here and the posts you've been seeing on lgpOnTheMove.

Since nothing much is yet to change between now and January 2010, I'm putting my "best of" recommendations out earlier than I did last year. 2009 has definitely seen quite a lot of interesting hardware emerge in the notebook segment. Some of the items I looked at this year are sadly no longer available, so I have looked at what is currently the best out there. And while I did not get to review as many notebooks here on my blog as I would have liked, my detailed research and analysis has resulted in the following top picks.

Confessions of an Audiophile #1 - playing with the ZuneHD

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is yet another new piece here I'm introducing on my blog. My long passion for audio has had much of an effect on my tech lifestyle over the years, influencing my decisions over the gadgets I have, what really is worth buying, and most importantly, the difference between a great device versus utter junk. My recent experience playing with a ZuneHD once again reignited the true audiophile in me, compelling me to share my first impressions of this latest mobile gadget.

Tech Tips #6 - Trackballs

It's been a cozy 2-3 months now since I've migrated to my new notebook, and even while I'm enjoying the experience, it's taking a lot of work for me to get everything set up nicely. Apparently, five years of tinkering on one notebook is not something that you can easily duplicate. That, and the fact that I've been busy with a bunch of other things, and you can see why it's been so long since my last post.

While I've got a bunch of new hardware (and software) to help me along with my work and play, one thing that did stay with me from the old setup is my faithful input device. It's been close to four years since my purchase of the Logitech Trackman Wheel trackball. My original reason behind this was because the trackpad on my old zd7000 was becoming uncomfortably warm for my index finger - so warm in fact that after 2-3 seconds I had to lift my finger off. This was especially problematic after and hour or more of 100% CPU activity. Yes, the trackball took care of my needs nicely, but there's a lot more that these ingenious input devices have to offer.

Say Hello to my Little Friend

For almost a year now, I've been actively hunting for a replacement for my trusted HP zd7000 notebook. This built-like-a-tank 17" workhorse has served me so very well over many years. Sadly, it has slowly been getting more and more problematic as well, especially during the last few months. Finally, two weeks ago, it gave up on me completely and just died.

I had to get a replacement notebook, I had to get one just as good, and I had to get one ASAP.

Quick Look - Toshiba NB205

Today I get to take you for a brief introduction to Toshiba's first entry into the netbook segment. The NB205 is one of the best-looking netbooks to come to market thus far, and with a $399 price-tag, I just had to take one for a spin.

R.I.P. HP zd7000 Nov 2004 - August 2009

Today is a very sad day. My HP zd7000 notebook has died.

It has been my faithful workhorse for the past 5 years, running all kinds of apps, helping me in my work, and entertaining me when I'm not at work. I've gotten so used to it's high-res 17" 1680x1050 display, 4-column number pad, isolated, inverted-T cursor keys, and nice Harman/Kardon speakers that it's going to be difficult to be without.

So long zd7000, it's been a great ride!

Tech Tips #5 - 12+ Must-Have Extras for the Notebook Enthusiast

I must admit something - I really love notebooks. I guess you already knew that. Ideally, I haven't touched a desktop PC in close to 10 years. I've been using notebooks constantly since the days when Windows XP first went on sale, and we all know how long ago that was. But being the mobile freak/geek/enthusiast I am, and using notebooks so extensively, I have also learned that notebooks alone don't always cut it. In my last post, I highlight 10 major factors in favor of desktops over notebooks, reasons alone that may indeed impact my next hardware purchase. But let's ignore the desktop for the moment and keep the focus on notebooks.

Off the Beaten Track #1 - 10 Reasons why Desktops Still Beat Notebooks

EDITOR'S NOTE: Back from my brief break, it's time to kick off the summer season at lgpOnTheMove with yet another new series here on my blog. In this segment, I focus the discussion AWAY from notebooks, for a welcome change.

Notebooks are inexpensive, notebooks are portable, notebooks can be used anywhere - is there anything notebooks today fail to excel at? For many folks notebooks have replaced desktops entirely. But don't dump that big, bad tower case just yet! As you will see, desktops still reign king for the few and the serious.

lgp On The Move on Hiatus

Due to personal circumstances, I will be taking a break from this blog during the month of June. I should be back again sometime in July, hopefully with another great notebook review for you to enjoy.

To those of you out there who read my blog, your support is appreciated!



Tech Tips #4 - Maximizing Battery Times on Notebooks - part two

Welcome back to the second part of this Tech Tips installment. You will recall in part one I introduced the topic of maximizing battery times on notebooks, beginning with identifying how varying notebook usage scenarios affect run times, why establishing a working budget for you is necessary, and highlighting the critical points you need to consider when configuring equipment options. In this second installment, I'll wrap up my discussion with the remaining sections.

In The News #1 - 10 Things to Consider when choosing an Extended Battery

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is yet another new series of posts to appear on my blog, this time highlighting my work which has been featured by the professional tech journalism elite. I am very proud to be able to share this here.

Tech Tips #3 - Maximizing Battery Times on Notebooks - part one

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to time constraints and length, this is the first of a two-part article on lgp On The Move.

My recent experience with the HP dv4t CTO and it's impressive run time with the 12-cell battery got me thinking a lot about just how important battery power is for notebooks. True, some notebooks never get out of the house and spend their whole operating life tethered to a desk, much like my veteran zd7000. But there are quite a lot of folks out there for whom a notebook has become a take-it-with-you-every-morning must-have companion - a tool that is used far away from any office desk or power outlet, sometimes for hours on end.

Second Take - HP dv4t CTO

Following my brief yet impressive experience with the budget HP dv4-1225dx notebook back in February, I wanted to revisit this model to see just what it was capable of in a more potent configuration. Welcome the new HP dv4t-1300 series CTO model, available directly from HP.

Tech Tips #2 - Essential Software for a New Notebook

My recent purchase of the HP dv4-1225dx notebook was different for several reasons. First of all, it was bought for my sister who was looking for a capable replacement for her desktop, since she moves frequently between locations and required a notebook she could easily take around with her. Second, it was a notebook I needed to prepare for her, since she is not with the "geek" crowd and I wanted her to have a great turnkey experience, without dealing with software installation, junkware removal and OS settings.

While it is true that every user has their own particular setup for their specific reasons, some things are just a requirement no matter what notebook you buy or what you use it for. From the experience I have had reviewing so many recently, I have put together a list of the things you should look out for (in no particular order) when playing with a new notebook for the first time, including some recommended software.

First Impressions - HP dv4-1225dx

It's been quite a while since my last notebook review, but today I take a look at what might be the most impressive notebook I have come across - welcome the dv4-1225dx from HP. This budget notebook is available now from Best Buy for a mere $629. Cheap but useless you say? Find out here.

Wish List #1 - Components Choice for a Notebook in 2009

There's literally a TON of choices for enthusiasts and professional users out there today looking for powerful notebooks with good graphics horsepower. Toshiba, Sager, OCZ, and need I say Gateway have released some impressive notebooks over the past six months that can chew through the toughest graphics tasks and CPU intensive applications.

Tech Tips #1 - Choosing a great gaming notebook for 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a new series of posts beginning in 2009 where I share with you my experience and knowledge, offering advice for notebook users on various topics of interest.

My review of the HP dv7 CTO notebook last month and my experience with the Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708 one month earlier presented me with two very different notebooks. Both are very unique in appearance, offer some notable features, came fully loaded, approach gaming differently and are priced totally apart from each other.

And while both notebooks are indeed very good at what they do, the experience has left me with one burning question - just what does it take to make a great gaming notebook?

The Best of 2008

With the old year now behind us and a new year full of new notebook technology already on the horizon, I'm going to look back on 2008 and present my top choices for outstanding hardware and innovations in the notebook market.

Happy New Year from lgp On The Move

To all my readers out there, I would like to kick off 2009 by wishing you all a safe and prosperous Happy New Year. Last year saw the birth of my blog, and this year will continue to bring to you the best notebook coverage. We have a big year ahead of us, so stay tuned for more great news, reviews and cool notebook stuff.