Confessions of an Audiophile #1 - playing with the ZuneHD

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is yet another new piece here I'm introducing on my blog. My long passion for audio has had much of an effect on my tech lifestyle over the years, influencing my decisions over the gadgets I have, what really is worth buying, and most importantly, the difference between a great device versus utter junk. My recent experience playing with a ZuneHD once again reignited the true audiophile in me, compelling me to share my first impressions of this latest mobile gadget.

Tech Tips #6 - Trackballs

It's been a cozy 2-3 months now since I've migrated to my new notebook, and even while I'm enjoying the experience, it's taking a lot of work for me to get everything set up nicely. Apparently, five years of tinkering on one notebook is not something that you can easily duplicate. That, and the fact that I've been busy with a bunch of other things, and you can see why it's been so long since my last post.

While I've got a bunch of new hardware (and software) to help me along with my work and play, one thing that did stay with me from the old setup is my faithful input device. It's been close to four years since my purchase of the Logitech Trackman Wheel trackball. My original reason behind this was because the trackpad on my old zd7000 was becoming uncomfortably warm for my index finger - so warm in fact that after 2-3 seconds I had to lift my finger off. This was especially problematic after and hour or more of 100% CPU activity. Yes, the trackball took care of my needs nicely, but there's a lot more that these ingenious input devices have to offer.