Thank You to All my Readers!!!

I found this just today when checking my site's rankings. Given my site's modest following, this is a very respectable result and I feel good knowing that my efforts here on lgpOnTheMove are being rewarded so highly by my audience.

A big thank you to everybody following lgpOnTheMove! Your feedback and support is much appreciated.

On Location - CES 2012

Las Vegas saw plenty of action again as the Consumer Electronics Show went into full swing this week in the Nevada desert, with tons of new mobile gadgets and companies there to show off their wares for 2012. Eager to build on my first experience from last year, I spent considerable time covering the exhibit floor looking at devices and meeting with both manufacturers and vendors.

While not everything at the show was being "on show", I managed to get a good indication of what users will be seeing later on in the year, and in some cases as soon as a few weeks. Slates continue to be a major theme as they were last year, but there were just as many new notebooks to show off as well. Read on to see everything I was able to find!

My CES 2012 Gear Bag

Less than 1 week left before I get behind the wheel again for sin city. This year I'll be traveling light, taking merely my HP 210 Mini netbook, HTC Touch Pro 2 smartphone and Energizer XP8000 battery pack. New in my gear bag this year is the Apollo 4G mobile hotspot from Clear (review coming on lgpOnTheMove soon), giving me always-on connectivity wherever my feet happen to take me.

Housing all this gear will be my versatile Solo TCA511-4 netbook case. Considering how much smaller this is than the gear bag CES hands out to press attendees, I may actually walk the show floor with the Solo. I'll have no problems snapping photos with the Touch Pro 2. Blogging and posting images will be child's play with the 210 Mini. And with the XP8000 riding on my belt with plenty of juice on tap, I've got all-day power for running both my smartphone and fast 4G hotspot.

Off the Beaten Track - why Mobile Broadband in the U.S. Still Sucks

Nobody can deny that over the last 2-3 years, mobile tech has changed more dramatically than at any other time. The advent of slates flooding the consumer market along with the explosion of smartphone use has pushed mobile data demands into the mainstream. Now more than ever, data is king! It's no longer a matter of choosing how many minutes you need when shopping for a wireless plan, but how much data you get and how you want to use it.

Ideally, consumers welcome choice. But die-hard mobile data users, business users, enthusiasts and a large chunk of consumers who have previously enjoyed unlimited data are left out in the cold. For them, choice simply doesn't exist, facing either a monopoly of one carrier or going without service at all. Put simply, mobile broadband in the U.S. still sucks!