Tech Tips - Blogging with the Surface RT

Professional writers and bloggers looking for a no-nonsense work tool need look no further than Microsoft's Surface RT. The $499 $299 slate delivers a comparable typing experience to using Word on a notebook, yet does so at a size/weight that makes it more portable than even a svelte netbook.

The secret to the Surface RT slate's amazing capability lies not only in part to the Windows RT OS, but the slate's ability to pair and work with both keyboards and pointing devices. Full desktop browser support also means you can forgo those watered-down blogging apps, allowing native access to your site's content management system. Watch as I show how you can effortlessly create and publish a complete article with Blogger's web interface using the Surface RT paired with just the Type Cover keyboard attachment and my Logitech M570 wireless trackball.

Glamor Shots - HP Elitebook 2170p notebook

OK - so I'm bad at keeping secrets! Regular readers here at lgpOnTheMove will know I've had my eye on HP's 11.6" ULV Ivy Bridge notebook ever since learning about it's release in the second half of 2012. The Elitebook 2170p caters to a very specific niche, namely the sub-13" enterprise notebook user.

While it's clear 10" netbooks are done for 2013, 11.6" form-factors continue to thrive this year alongside negating all the performance drawbacks of Intel's Atom. Feel free to take a closer look as I show you around this compact and very lightweight notebook, and make sure to check back next week for the full review.

On Location - CES 2013

As seems to be turning into a common jaunt for me now, I'm yet again beginning the new year in Las Vegas marching through the halls at CES. 2013 introduces yet more flashy devices and new technology for consumers to drool over, never mind the endless armada of accessory bling and sometimes questionable vaporware.

This year continues the slate attack, fueled primarily by Windows 8. But while MS was absent from the show this year, advances from companies such as Intel made certain that new devices would be on display for both notebook and slate aficionados alike. With the show winding down for another year and the 150,000-or-so attendees leaving sin city in the dust, I can again look back on the week's events.

Lifestyles of the Mobile Road Warrior - Navigating CES

For anybody who has ever visited or worked a convention, you will know that there are certain unwritten rules to follow in order to make your experience a success. Love or hate the job, conventions are now the prime stage for companies to show off their latest product announcements, give press attendees exclusive hands-on access, and present some excellent networking opportunities.

Navigating CES in Las Vegas is no different. With show number three now on my schedule, here are some essential tips and proven advice for folks thinking about heading out to the neon mirage in the Nevada desert this week.