Big Deal - Netbooks beat Slates

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lots of editors and writers like to re-post news found online and put their own "spin" on a story. Big Deal is yet another addition to lgpOnTheMove where l highlight recent news posts from the web that tie into my work here, minus of course the bloated opinion.

Despite all the wild hype around slates these days, it seems I'm not entirely alone when it comes to my preference for netbooks versus the overpriced luxury toys. Softpedia reports that research firm ABI shows consumers still prefer netbooks over slates. Read on to get the link to their article, along with my take on these findings.

Quick Look - HP TouchPad

Round three of my slate shakedown continues with the HP TouchPad. Yes, HP has thrown it's hat in the slate ring this year borrowing heavily from the advances made by Palm's webOS software. But can the muscle of a hardware giant like HP and the software talent from Palm, now owned by HP, produce a slate that improves upon the likes of the BlackBerry PlayBook and 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab? Unfortunately, not by very much.

Tech Tips - 13 Reasons why Netbooks trump Slates

Ever since the introduction of the iPad, manufacturers have been clamoring to produce newer, better, alternative models to compete with Apple and tease consumers. 2011 has in fact become the biggest year yet of slate product launches, with HP, RIM, Apple, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and many more companies now offering units on sale. Yes, we are in the midst of a total slate euphoria.

But should consumers and enthusiasts buy into all this wild hype? More to the point, do slates really offer anything functional and useful that a small/light, more-affordable netbook would not already be able to provide? Based on some of my extensive, first-hand experience, I have to say the netbook continues to be the better option.