Quick Look - Toshiba NB205

Today I get to take you for a brief introduction to Toshiba's first entry into the netbook segment. The NB205 is one of the best-looking netbooks to come to market thus far, and with a $399 price-tag, I just had to take one for a spin.

R.I.P. HP zd7000 Nov 2004 - August 2009

Today is a very sad day. My HP zd7000 notebook has died.

It has been my faithful workhorse for the past 5 years, running all kinds of apps, helping me in my work, and entertaining me when I'm not at work. I've gotten so used to it's high-res 17" 1680x1050 display, 4-column number pad, isolated, inverted-T cursor keys, and nice Harman/Kardon speakers that it's going to be difficult to be without.

So long zd7000, it's been a great ride!

Tech Tips #5 - 12+ Must-Have Extras for the Notebook Enthusiast

I must admit something - I really love notebooks. I guess you already knew that. Ideally, I haven't touched a desktop PC in close to 10 years. I've been using notebooks constantly since the days when Windows XP first went on sale, and we all know how long ago that was. But being the mobile freak/geek/enthusiast I am, and using notebooks so extensively, I have also learned that notebooks alone don't always cut it. In my last post, I highlight 10 major factors in favor of desktops over notebooks, reasons alone that may indeed impact my next hardware purchase. But let's ignore the desktop for the moment and keep the focus on notebooks.