Merry Christmas from lgp On The Move

It's that special time of the year again, and I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, safe, fun-filled happy holidays.

And if you happen to have a brand-new notebook waiting under the tree - I'm sure your Christmas will be even better.

Stay tuned for more great notebook reviews coming in the next year!

Seasons Greetings from LGP!

The Best of 2009

WOW!!! This year has gone by so fast that I cannot believe it is already the middle of December. Alongside being the first full calendar year of my blog, the sheer amount of work I've been doing this year has had quite an impact on my time here and the posts you've been seeing on lgpOnTheMove.

Since nothing much is yet to change between now and January 2010, I'm putting my "best of" recommendations out earlier than I did last year. 2009 has definitely seen quite a lot of interesting hardware emerge in the notebook segment. Some of the items I looked at this year are sadly no longer available, so I have looked at what is currently the best out there. And while I did not get to review as many notebooks here on my blog as I would have liked, my detailed research and analysis has resulted in the following top picks.