First Impressions - Microsoft Surface RT

In a first here at lgpOnTheMove, I felt it's now time to put Microsoft's Surface RT under a bit of detailed scrutiny. After all, Microsoft has never been a company famous for hardware, yet it's answer to the iPad and Android alternatives comes in the form of a very unique and, some may say, compelling product.

With the company trailing behind in the tablet market, both on the hardware and software front, can the Surface RT capture users with it's blend of Windows OS running on ARM and product design? Are the features of the Surface RT good enough to make it a viable work tool and netbook replacement, aside from content consumption? Read on as I explore these aspects and more.

First Impressions - HP Elitebook 2170p notebook

It's no accident 11.6" notebooks (or netbooks depending on your viewpoint) have been improving greatly over the years. Since my first exposure to AMD's Nile effort in 2010, followed by Intel's response with ULV Sandy Bridge 15 months later, each newer iteration has afforded consumers improved CPU/GPU performance along with a longer stretch in battery life.

Introduced during 2012, Intel's ULV Ivy Bridge is currently the top-of-the-line solution for maximizing battery life with performance. While finding a consumer 11.6" notebook has been tough given the focus on ultrabooks and slates of recent, HP had no hesitation creating a business-class 11.6" notebook with this sought-after platform. Does the Elitebook 2170p manage to tick all the boxes? Let's take a look!