First Impressions - Alienware M18x notebook

This review comes down as a first here at lgpOnTheMove for many reasons. It's my first look at Alienware. It's my first 18.4" notebook. It's my first exposure to Ivy Bridge + Kepler. And it's my first notebook priced above $3000. But more than all of those, it's the first time I have been so excited about getting my hands on a notebook since my review of the Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708 - an impressive and very high-end 17" notebook that I would later go on to own and keep.

Granted, I'm still using my X305 even after 3 years, and am still very happy with it - as the saying goes, you DO get what you pay for. But is it just possible, given today's void in the high-end notebook space by the likes of HP and Toshiba, that something out there could pique even my specific interest and lay claim to the notebook performance crown? Alienware's 18.4" M18x is a veritable behemoth brimming with speed and power, alongside a feature set models from other manufacturers fail to even come close to. Has Dell done it's homework? Let's take a look!

Glamor Shots - Alienware M18x notebook

Thank the folks at Dell for making this happen, but I am FINALLY able to present here on lgpOnTheMove a laptop from Alienware! The 18.4" M18x R2 encompasses the pinnacle of what notebook builders in 2012 can create, in both features and unbridled performance. Commanding a starting MSRP of $1999, and going well north of $5000 fully loaded, this is a piece of mobile tech only those with deep pockets can ever realistically think about owning, never mind be able to appreciate it's potential.

As is always the case here on lgpOnTheMove, feel free to feast your eyes below on some high-resolution images of this impressive and expensive beast. If you like what you see here then you will want to stay tuned for the full review that goes live next week!