Wish List - Bringing Back the 20-inch Notebook

My recent encounter with Toshiba's 4K notebook, the Satellite P50t, has left a pressing question in my mind - is there anything that can be done to make notebooks even better? Consider that we already have the best mobile CPU's and GPU's, fast AC wireless, m.2 mobile storage options, phenomenal styling, the best of the best notebook keyboards and now the most detail-rich high-PPI 4K displays. Have we really hit the limits of what's possible in that 15-to-17-inch chassis?

A few years ago manufacturers tried to push the 20" form factor. It failed, partly because the bigger screen size alone didn't provide a compelling sale. Fast forward to today, though, and a 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 screen at that same 20" size certainly would make for one hell of an amazing notebook, and do so in more ways than you think.