Tech Tips - 101 Things You Can Do with a Surface Pro 2

Microsoft sure made a big splash with their Surface Pro 3 announcement last month. But that doesn't mean those who invested in or may still be looking into a Surface Pro 2 are now up the creek. There's little doubt that despite my strong criticism towards slates, my recent experience with Microsoft's now-superseded slate offering has left me extremely impressed. The Surface Pro 2 is a performance and productivity beast. Many who have thought of it as just an overpriced/expensive slate I'm guessing either have not used one or just don't really know exactly how good of a product this slate is!

Granted, I was only able to spend a short time with the device, yet that was plenty for me to come away with a solid understanding of the Surface Pro 2's capabilities. Following my already extensive listing of things users can do with a netbook and original Surface RT, it was only natural that I follow up with a similar in-depth article detailing the many tasks that the Surface Pro 2 can also successfully tackle.

Accessory Corner - Logitech G13 Gamepad

Gamepads are a great accessory for notebook users who are serious into their gaming, and in particular the first-person shooter crowd. Notebook keyboards themselves offer few conveniences that gamers crave - something many will have observed when compared to a desktop gaming experience.

The Logitech G13 Gamepad, on the other hand, can change a mundane notebook fragging experience into a totally awesome frag fest. Armed with a multifunction LCD display, mini-joystick and 22 fully-programmable backlit macro keys, this may just be the ideal complement to your gaming notebook.

Lifestyles of the Mobile Road Warrior - replacing your Desktop with a Surface Pro 2

It's really hard to ignore the fact that Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 (and newer Surface Pro 3) slate is an impressive and unique piece of kit. For many users already, it has not only replaced their smartphone-OS based slate, but also their netbook/ultrabook/notebook. Indeed, when the emphasis is mobility, one device always beats carrying around two.

But given it's solid x86/x64 computing capability, could you use a Surface Pro 2 or 3 to tackle tasks that you do at your desk? Can you realistically replace your office work PC with a svelte slate and still get everything you need done? In this installment of Lifestyles of the Mobile Road Warrior, I show how you can not only ditch that boring black box on your desk, but give you the luxury of being able to take your work with you when you head out of that office.

Accessory Corner - LG 34UM95 Monitor

In what is again another debut here at lgpOnTheMove, I am happy to present my very first monitor review. While it has become common for notebook users to attach a second screen to their machines, the LG 34UM95 is anything but your typical LCD display, much less something that can simply be labeled as an accessory.

Boasting an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio and a monster resolution of 3440x1440 plastered across a 34 inch diagonal, this monitor promises a viewing experience that even desktop users will drool over, never mind that you can also enjoy it connected to your notebook. Does this display stand a chance among the slew of 4K panels being dumped onto the market in 2014? I believe it does.