First Impressions - HP 210 Mini netbook

Once again, I'm happy to present here on lgpOnTheMove yet another very unique netbook. The HP 210 Mini may not be the newest 10" rig on the block, but it does sport an impressive list of specs, starting with an Atom N570 CPU. Can the dual-core HT processor improve upon the existing netbook user experience? Combined with the numerous other features the 210 Mini offers, I'd say that's a definite yes!

Accessory Corner - Liteon eNAU108 CD/DVD Burner

Today I take a look at a rather inexpensive but useful little accessory that will be welcome for many netbook users, myself included. Liteon's eNAU108 CD/DVD burner is a portable USB-powered optical drive that does a great job when it comes to burning and reading practically any type of disc out there, with decent performance as well. You may even be so impressed with it that, like me, you'll end up buying two!