Tech Tips #3 - Maximizing Battery Times on Notebooks - part one

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to time constraints and length, this is the first of a two-part article on lgp On The Move.

My recent experience with the HP dv4t CTO and it's impressive run time with the 12-cell battery got me thinking a lot about just how important battery power is for notebooks. True, some notebooks never get out of the house and spend their whole operating life tethered to a desk, much like my veteran zd7000. But there are quite a lot of folks out there for whom a notebook has become a take-it-with-you-every-morning must-have companion - a tool that is used far away from any office desk or power outlet, sometimes for hours on end.

Second Take - HP dv4t CTO

Following my brief yet impressive experience with the budget HP dv4-1225dx notebook back in February, I wanted to revisit this model to see just what it was capable of in a more potent configuration. Welcome the new HP dv4t-1300 series CTO model, available directly from HP.