Tech Tips - 101 Things You Can Do with a Netbook

It amazes me the number of folks who continue to suggest that netbooks are underpowered, useless and cheap toys compared to more expensive slates. And this viewpoint reaches peak when folks see a slate docked with a fancy clamshell-style keyboard/case combination, entertaining the idea that it can even replace a notebook! Yet quite the contrary is the truth. Today's best netbooks are in fact as good as any notebook flashing a Core 2 Duo sticker, and can handle pretty much any everyday task you throw at it, even including casual gaming.

Using my own 10" HP 210 Mini netbook as a baseline, I've gone ahead and compiled a list of 101 things that you can do today with a netbook. These examples go beyond just software that you can run and peripherals you can attach, but extend to ways in which you can get the most out of your sub-$400 investment.