Lifestyles of the Mobile Road Warrior - the Ultimate Gear Bag

Despite what many mobile workers would believe, achieving maximum productivity doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing  maximum mobility, or vice-versa for that matter. I admit it's taken a while for me to get this article together, but I think I can comfortably come forward with what I consider is the best mobile productivity solution yet. Working as a mobile road warrior, and given the extensive time I've spent with the gear you will see me show here, I have managed to put together an undeniably potent gadget arsenal that is as small and light as can be.

Indeed, it's quite possible to maximize your work capability away from the office, without lugging around a 20lb roller case, skimping on functionality or running out of battery power. The gear bag you are about to see here demonstrates a no-compromise approach to getting virtually any kind of PC task done, anywhere you happen to be, without impacting your mobility whatsoever.

First Impressions - HP dm1-4170us notebook

It seems I owe my readers an apology of sorts as I'm not usually this late to the party. The good news is I have finally secured an 11.6" notebook sporting Intel's ULV Sandy Bridge. Released back in December of 2011, HP's Pavilion dm1-4170us is the spiritual successor to both the aging AMD Brazos and award-winning Nile-based dm1z I checked out first in 2010.

With netbooks in 2012 on the verge of extinction, ultrabooks stealing the limelight and slates flooding the consumer market, can die-hard netbook fans find refuge in the 11.6" form-factor? More relevant, can Intel's much-touted ULV parts deliver the goods and kick AMD to the curb? Read on to get my take on this latest ultra-portable.