Confessions of an Audiophile #2 - playing with the Touch Pro 2

I've been yearning to do this article for such a long time, practically ever since I had my last audiophile encounter with the ZuneHD back in 2009. That gadget told me a lot about what I was missing as far as a modern portable audio device (mp3 player) was concerned, and to be honest left me feeling quite disappointed.

While I've been fortunate to have the HTC Touch Pro 2 with me for quite some time, it's been a painstakingly long wait in getting the last few accessories I needed to really see how the device performs when doing audio and video playback. Now that those final pieces have fallen into place, it's time to take the Touch Pro 2 on an extended test drive. How does it handle? Three words - I love it!

lgpOnTheMove gets a BIG Face Lift

Summer is here and things are getting hot! This major upgrade has been in the works for a while now, but I can finally announce it is ready to go live.

What you see here is not just some simple face lift, but much more. It's in fact what some would call a total body makeover. Welcome to the new and improved lgpOnTheMove!