Tech Tips #8 - Securing your Home Wireless Network

I've been going through quite a lot of wireless gear lately, evaluating hardware from Netgear as well as connecting that with my smartphone, netbook and notebook using multiple wireless networks. The experience has made it clear to me that setting up a home wireless network is fairly painless, not to mention a relatively simple matter to keep secure while ensuring connectivity to all your wireless gear.

If you've been wary of setting up a wireless network for fear of being hacked, your data stolen or your PC being hijacked - fear not. It's a relatively simple few steps you need only take to ensure your wireless signal remains yours.

First Impressions - Toshiba NB305 Netbook

Image credit: Toshiba
You may remember last year my quick look at Toshiba's first candidate in the netbook category - the NB205. This very attractive netbook had a lot going for it, but it somehow came at a time when Microsoft's latest OS was just out the door, and Intel had delayed Pinetrail by a matter of weeks. While I did make the NB205 a top lgpOnTheMove netbook pick for 2009, I was eagerly awaiting the replacement model coming from Toshiba in 2010.

Today I have that unit, the NB305, here with me to review. Does it build on what made the NB205 so great? Let's take a look!

Accessory Corner #1 - Netgear DGN2000 Wireless-N Router with DSL Modem

Image credit: Newegg
EDITOR'S NOTE: Back from my winter break (or prolonged rehab if you will) I'm kicking off the spring edition with yet another new series here on my blog. In these installments you will see me provide reviews on some of the cool accessories I use on a daily basis with my notebook and netbook.

We all know notebooks are great at what they do, but as we have also seen, a notebook can be enhanced considerably with the use of special accessories. My recent acquisition of a new wireless router/modem combo from Netgear has been performing very well, not only improving my overall work flow, but deserving of a closer look.