Wish List - the $10,000 notebook

It's pretty easy these days to walk into an Apple or Sony store and drop $2000 on a notebook, or for that matter, get online and configure an Alienware M18x running a cool five grand. Even the most extravagant systems seen from Clevo in the last few years have only been able to peak $8000, yet stuffed with arguably the most cutting-edge internals.

High-end mobile hardware has never come cheap, that is fact. But even seasoned enthusiasts may get serious sticker shock to know that today's most expensive (and powerful) notebook now breaks the 10K barrier. Read on to get a taste of not only what you can get for that gangsta-roll of Franklins, but see who makes this 5-digit rarity.

Accessory Corner - Netgear DGND3700 wireless Modem Router

Modem routers have become fairly common place these last few years for DSL users. The convenience of having two devices in one does more than just reduce desk clutter, but can streamline installation. For users looking to go wireless for the first time, add NAS capability or just breathe new life into their boring DSL connection, a high-end modem router can be a very attractive solution.

In my case, my 8-year-old Speedstream 5100 finally bit the dust two weeks ago. Obviously, it was time for an equipment upgrade, and I had no intention of buying a bare modem. I had reviewed the Netgear DGND3300 modem router back in 2010 and found it to be a very versatile device, minus it's several shortcomings. Does Netgear's latest offering bring anything new to the table? Let's take a look!

Tech Tips - Getting the Most out of your UPS

Buying a UPS may seem like a solution useful only for more serious desktop PC's, given their dependence on AC to run. Many will in fact question why the need would be for people using a notebook to even consider such a purchase. Let me give you a hint - it's NOT for plugging in your notebook!

Quite the contrary, investing in a UPS has far greater benefits for things you use inside the home such as your notebook accessories. Yet it's only when you're using these accessories with your notebook that the real value of a UPS suddenly become fully understandable. Read on to get an insight on my experience using a UPS for so many years, and how having one can save your bacon too.

Lifestyles of the Mobile Road Warrior - All-Day Power

Working on the move outside of the office presents a challenge when it comes to powering your mobile tech gadgets. And it becomes even more daunting for folks that need to have all-day power for their devices. Smartphone users in particular know that feeling of sitting down for dinner after 6PM only to have their critical handheld die on them because it has been exhausted throughout the day.

For devices with non-user-replaceable batteries such as the iPhone, it can indeed be difficult to get your work done beyond the regular 9-5. But just because you're on the go and nowhere near an outlet, it doesn't mean you have to be without juice and interrupt your work. As you'll see in this installment of Lifestyles of the Mobile Road Warrior, you can easily keep all your devices running way beyond your evening dinner, all with the help of just one compact and lightweight battery.