My CES 2011 Gear Bag

Less than 1 week to go! Coming along for the ride is my HTC Touch Pro 2, Energizer XP8000 battery and Virgin Mobile MiFi2200. Shown underneath, my 17" notebook will also be accompanying me for getting work done. Rather than tote the red beast all day long, though, I'm keeping that secure with a friend!

As this is my first CES, I'll be traveling light on the show floor. Connectivity shouldn't be a problem with the smartphone + hotspot combo. The Touch Pro 2's camera is suitable for taking product photos in a pinch, and I'll have plenty of juice with the XP8000 on my belt.

Merry Christmas from lgpOnTheMove

It's that special time of the year where lgpOnTheMove is sharing the Christmas spirit. I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, safe, fun-filled happy holidays.

And if you happen to have a brand-new notebook waiting under the tree, then I'm sure your Christmas will be even better.

Stay tuned for more great notebook reviews coming on lgpOnTheMove next year!

The Best of 2010

Time sure flies when you're having fun, and 2010 has been another great year in the mobile tech world. I've been fortunate to cover a decent amount of hardware this year, including some very impressive notebook accessories. Indeed, advancements and products for 2010 set the stage for even better gear coming in 2011.

CES 2011 is in fact just two weeks away (more on that later!), but to tide you over until then, I'm happy to put together my best-of list for this year. Read on to see my top picks for 2010.

Quick Look - Samsung Galaxy Tab

First slate device - check. First Android device - check. First impressions??? Hmmm... After just the first few minutes of use I was already having doubts about this latest hot consumer gadget. While it's excusable not to expect full computing functionality, the large 7" screen should promise if nothing at least a pleasing AV playback experience, including Flash video support.

Unfortunately, Samsung's hardware and the Android ecosystem still leaves a lot to be desired. Read on to get a better detail of why I'm so critical of the hardware I look at, and why you might want to hang on to your netbook purchase just that much longer.

Accessory Corner - Zalman ZM-NC3000S Notebook Cooler

Getting a notebook cooler has been something that I've been contemplating for some time, but a recent change for me has made it now a must-have item. While there's a whole plethora of cooling options in the market today to look at, my choice was narrowed down by three essential criteria - notebook size, fan size and material.

The Zalman ZM-NC3000S is designed for 17" notebooks, with a single, large 220mm cooling fan and is made using aluminum. Can this cooler tame the onslaught of heat coming from a quad-core SLI notebook such as my Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708? Read on to see the results!