Goodbye 3G - Hello 4G!

I may be in a fringe area with a CINR of only 7, but it's good enough to do 2500kbps with an average latency of 77ms. That's faster than peak 3G speeds, and for a price difference of just five dollars per month, the Clear Spot 4G from Clearwire has given my Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 the TKO. Yes, lgpOnTheMove goes 4G unlimited for 2011, and at just $45/month, I'm now seriously considering retiring my home DSL connection for good as well. I'll be taking this little gem for an extensive test drive over the next couple of weeks, including throwing it into my CES gear bag for Vegas. Stay tuned for a full review of the Clear Spot 4G on lgpOnTheMove soon!

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