Glamor Shots - Alienware M18x notebook

Thank the folks at Dell for making this happen, but I am FINALLY able to present here on lgpOnTheMove a laptop from Alienware! The 18.4" M18x R2 encompasses the pinnacle of what notebook builders in 2012 can create, in both features and unbridled performance. Commanding a starting MSRP of $1999, and going well north of $5000 fully loaded, this is a piece of mobile tech only those with deep pockets can ever realistically think about owning, never mind be able to appreciate it's potential.

As is always the case here on lgpOnTheMove, feel free to feast your eyes below on some high-resolution images of this impressive and expensive beast. If you like what you see here then you will want to stay tuned for the full review that goes live next week!

Open the box, and the M18x comes out wrapped in this luscious red velvet pouch

Lid closed - the anodized red aluminum finish screams quality

Front - Klipsch stereo speakers with LED accent lighting

Left - kensington lock slot, RJ-45, VGA, HDMI in, miniDP, USB3.0, USB3.0, S/PDIF, headphone, headphone/mic, line-in

Right - BD reader DVD/CD burner, express54 slot, SD card slot, USB3.0, USB3.0, eSata/USB2.0, HDMI out

Rear - lid hinges, power connector and four large vents

Bottom - access panel, battery, subwoofer, fan vents

Access panel removed - solid state drives, RAM, cooling fans, wifi module and vacant mSata slot

Personalized name plate - a way to make the M18x your own

Keyboard - full-size, proper layout and back-lit.

Display - 18.4 inch, 1920 x 1080 WLED. Such a shame it isn't an IPS panel.

X-Plane 10 at 1920x1080, all settings maxed out

All images property of lgpOnTheMove

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