Help Support lgpOnTheMove

I'm not ashamed to ask for money - corporate America takes it from me every day! For those not aware, lgpOnTheMove is a project that I am doing in my free time and do not get paid for. Yes, I do run ads on my site, but that revenue has been next to nothing despite an increase in page views. I need your continued support!

Fortunately, Blogger allows me to do just that. lgpOnTheMove now has a support button for donations and contributions. Using PayPal, you can send money my way to help support my efforts here and continue the flow of articles and hardware reviews.

For the more fortunate out there, a minimum donation of $5 will be much appreciated, while $10 or more will go a long way. Of course, PayPal does charge a fee for this, so a few bucks do end up going their way too. All contributions are welcome.

You can find the PayPal button by scrolling down the page, it's located underneath my Subscribe link to the right.